Float Control : "ADCA" Packaged ADCAMAT Automatic Pump : POP-K (suitable for steam supply)
  The POP-K packaged pump units can be used to lift or displace hot condensate and other liquids even in hazardous areas. A POP-K packaged unit comprises an Adcamat pump, a vented receiver and all auxiliary items, compactly mounted on a metal frame piped and ready for connection. Packaged units save time, work and site costs.
  In addition they ensure that installation of the pump is correct in every detail. Two or more units can be connected in parallel to cope with flow rates beyond the capacity of a single pump. Units operating with compressed air and also available. For operating conditions and pumping capacity, please refer to information sheet IS 9.101 E and IS 9.105 E.
catalogue POP-K
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