"CONFLOW" Two Way Single Seat - Pneumatic Control Valves UNIWORLD Series Type 2000AD
  The “UNIWORLD” series type 2000 AD are equipped with DIN “straight-through” pattern bodies with UNI / DIN flanges Modulating plug suitable for control of virtually all line media.
  Compact construction assembled with multisprings pneumatic actuator having 3-15 psi …6-30 psi standard control signals. On request can be equipped with a pneumatic or electro-pneumatic pilot positioner.
catalogue 2000AD
"CONFLOW" Piezo Electric Digital Linear Positioners Type SEL , Type SEL-EX
  It’s a simple or double acting positioner with piezoelectric air switching technology, high speed, with input signal 4-20 mA for proportional control of pneumatic linear actuators. The positioners operate by comparision of the signal, coming from the control unit, with the position of feedback lever joined to the valves stem. An amplified pressure, generates by the comparision of these two forces, operates directly on actuator diaphragm.
catalogue SEL
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